EzyAs Compression Hoisery Applicator
Suitable for donning hosiery on both upper & lower limbs
£ 54.20 54.2 GBP
EzyAs Compression Hoisery Applicator Handles
Handle attachment for the EzyAs Compression Hosiery Applicator to extend reach
£ 20.83 20.830000000000002 GBP
Arion Easy-Slide Application Aid (Open Toe Stockings)
Donning aid for open toe stockings
£ 16.67 16.67 GBP
Steve Glide Dolphin Donning Aid (Open & Closed Toe Stockings)
Easy to use donning aid for open & closed toe stockings
£ 16.50 16.5 GBP
Steve+ Ring (Doffing Aid)
Lightweight, plastic doffing aid for compression stockings
£ 22.10 22.1 GBP
GUS Comfort Donning & Doffing Aid (Open & Closed Toe Stockings)
Suitable for open & closed toe stockings
£ 19.17 19.17 GBP
Steve+ Handles
Accessory to extend the reach of your Steve+ EasyOn for greater mobility.
Choose the same size as your Steve+ EasyOn applicator for correct sizing.
£ 21.94 21.94 GBP
Steve+ Hosiery Application Gloves (Latex or Latex-Free)
Provides additional grip when donning & doffing your compression hosiery to minimise wear and tear
£ 8.00 8.0 GBP
Steve+ EasyOn (Donning Aid)
Durable, plastic donning aid for upper & lower limb hosiery
£ 38.70 38.7 GBP
Steve+ Complete Hosiery Applicator Kit (Donning & Doffing)
Durable donning & doffing frame aid with metal handles for extended reach and mobility
£ 73.50 73.5 GBP
ActiGlide Application Aid
Suitable for donning hosiery on both upper & lower limbs
£ 25.00 25.0 GBP
Altimed Urgo Sockaid Sock and Stocking Applicator
Lightweight frame aid to assist with donning hosiery
£ 23.10 23.1 GBP