Cath Dry

Introducing Cath Dry

Cath Dry catheter dressings are available in  the UK and on NHS prescription. They serve as both the dressing and a water-resistant cover that provides improvement to the quality of life for patients. 

The primary function of the dressing is to reduce the risk of infection, Cath Dry also enables patients to shower, swim or continue watersports with maximum protection. 

Cath Dry has helped catheter patients globally. 

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at just why people love their Cath Dry!

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What is Cath Dry?

Cath Dry is a dressing designed by a physician for patients with central venous catheters. 

The dressing minimizes the risk of infection, which allows for safe showering by keeping the catheter in a sterile environment, free of contaminants. 

Cath Dry is supported by research which revealed that the "use of the Cath Dry dressing contributed positively to the quality of life, dialysis experience and hygiene of our participants."

To view download a copy of the research report, click here. 

If you have not showered or been swimming because you have a catheter, then Cath Dry is for you.

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Cath Dry is a dressing suitable for use with the following central venous catheters:

  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal
  • PICC.

Cath Dry dressings are also suitable for:

  • Hickman lines
  • Chemotherapy lines.

Cath Dry dressings can additionally be used for elderly patients to protect and keep the central line lumens clean, dry and free from debris.

Cath Dry Features

Here are just a handful of Cath Dry product features:

Sterile & bacteriostatic

 A permanent dressing between dialysis


For showers and watersports (up to 20 minutes*)

Moisture warning

Indicator turns red to warn of water ingress


Disposable after each use


Allows moisture to escape and oxygen to enter



How to apply Cath dry

Check out this quick demo on how you should apply your Cath Dry: