SIGVARIS GROUP formed in Switzerland, and is 100% family-owned since it was founded in 1864. SIGVARIS GROUP are committed to making individuals feel good, each and every day. 

Their goal is to improve health and well-being through their creative and innovative products. 

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Sigvaris Active Leisure Female​

For the active ladies, designed to suit all leisurely needs. 

Sigvaris Essential Comfortable

Designed to keep you comfortable, no matter the occasion. 

Sigvaris Active Masculine

 For the Active man, designed to survive adventure.

Sigvaris Essential Thermoregulating

 Designed to  protect the skin from drying out, supported with a thermoregulating effect.

Sigvaris Essential Semitransparent​

 Designed to keep you comfortable and stylish with a semitransparent, sheer look.

Sigvaris Style Transparent

Contemporary design, for everyday wear. 


 SIGVARIS GROUP formed in Switzerland, and is 100% family-owned since it was founded in 1864. Originally, SIGVARIS GROUP produced "rubber-elastic textiles" and sold this both in Switzerland and abroad. That was until 1958, when SIGVARIS GROUP and  phlebologist Dr. Karl Sigg, developed  a medical compression stocking to improve venous function and relieve venous-related conditions.

SIGVARIS GROUP aim to keep thinking forward, by helping patients with  venous disorders, lymphoedema and lipoedema in making their lives as restriction-free as possible. SIGVARIS GROUP also believe that the benefits of compression therapy in everyday life, at work, on long-distance trips, and during sports should be made available to a health-conscious audience.

Sigvaris Melany Donning & Doffing Aid

A compression hosiery applicator, also known as a compression stocking applicator or a donning aid is a device designed to assist individuals in putting on compression stockings or hosiery.

Compression and support stockings can be challenging to put on, especially for individuals with limited mobility, arthritis, or dexterity issues.

By using an applicator you can simplify the process of wearing your compression hosiery, removing the need for excessive bending, twisting or stretching, increasing convenience and comfortability for the user.

Additionally, there are also doffing aids which aid in the removal of compression garments. Some of the devices we sell at Patient Choice Direct are created with the intent purpose of easing both the donning and doffing of hosiery.

The Sigvaris Melany has been produced by SIGVARIS GROUP to facilitate the donning and removal of compression stockings to promote treatment compliance.

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Image of Sigvaris Melany hosiery applicator


SIGVARIS GROUP are a provider of high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy. They boast a successful track record of 160 years. 

Award Winning

SIGVARIS GROUP is one of the winners of the German Brand Award 2021.  This award is an acknowledgement of the fact the Sigvaris brand puts patients at the center of all its activities, and it inspires to consistently pursue this path.