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Cath Dry HD (Pack of 12 Dressings)


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    Standard length is 20cm.

    The Cath Dry HD XL is available if you require a larger size (30cm length instead of 20cm)

    Cath Dry HD XL (Pack of 12 Dressings)

    Water resistant and sterile central venous catheter dressing

    Innovation in quality of life, hygiene and infection control 

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    Cath Dry is an advanced clinical dressing for central venous catheters (and similar lines) that can significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infections.

    The Cath Dry dressing is:

    • sterile

    • bacteriostatic

    • waterproof

    • breathable

    • latex-free

    • hypoallergenic


    Reduce risk of infection

    •  Improve hygiene and water ingress

    • Reduce risk of infection including MRSA

    • Transparent; allows for exit site monitoring

    Water resistant

    • Shower, bath and swim-proof

    • Colour-changing moisture indication ring

    • Long-lasting; change at dialysis session

    Improve quality of life

    • Sterile & water resistance all-in-one

    • Comfortable to wear – up to 3 days

    • Discreet and simple to apply by yourself

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