Jobst for Men Ambition Knee High Compression Socks

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£ 38.45 VAT Included

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Men’s compression stockings: the support you are looking for

Since men can also suffer from venous diseases or varicose veins, JOBST offer a dedicated range of compression stockings for men. Starting compression therapy as soon as possible helps take preventative action against the progression of symptoms, while also helping to reduce symptoms of venous disease. As these stockings should be worn every day for maximum effect, it is important they fit correctly, are comfortable, and provide the necessary compression.Therefore, the products in the JOBST forMen range are specially designed for men’s leg and foot shape, and come in a variety of masculine styles and patterns.

Men’s compression stockings for all occasions

JOBST forMen compression stockings are a high-tech and stylish solution for your day-to-day activities, whether that’s working in the office, playing sports, hiking or just relaxing.  Using state-of-the-art technology, our modern and innovative materials offer all the support required to manage varicose veins and other venous conditions.  Our JOBST forMen compression stockings allow you to keep up your active lifestyle with ease.  What’s more, with several colors and styles to choose from within our wide product range, you can be confident in finding the right men’s compression stockings to suit your individual needs.  Available in different compression classes, please consult your doctor about which one is needed for your condition.

We know that managing varicose veins can be a difficult topic: some men consider their veins an eyesore, as well as a physical discomfort.  We’ve done our best to make sure our JOBST men’s compression stockings are discrete and resemble a normal sock, which means they will blend in perfectly with any outfit.  Now, you can pair your stocking with a suit or shorts and no one will notice you are wearing compression.  Get the look and support you need with JOBST forMen compression stockings.

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