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UroShield Kit

Each kit contains 1x Driver, 1x Actuator, and 1x charging cable.
UroShield Driver – The portable unit that provides power to the clip-on actuator.
Power supply charger provided (*driver can be battery or AC powered)
**UroShield is designed for use with indwelling catheters.

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£ 469.00

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    Looking for replacement UroShield Actuators?

    How does the UroShield work?

    Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) generated by the clip-on actuator create an acoustic shield on the surface of the catheter that interferes with the attachment of bacteria, preventing the bacterial biofilm formation leading to the development of infections and may eliminate or reduce the need for antibiotics.

    UroShield is Designed to:

    • Prevent biofilm formation
    • Decrease bacteriuria and CAUTI
    • Reduced catheter-related pain and discomfort
    • Prevent blockages

    **UroShield is designed for use with indwelling catheters.

    For further information on the UroShield, please visit here: