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Introducing Juzo's Trend Colors for 2024 – a vibrant fusion of style and comfort to enhance your compression wear experience!  Juzo's Trend Colors for 2024 draw inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, creating a palette that mirrors the hues found in plants and nature. Each color is a nod to the vibrant spectrum of flora, bringing the essence of the outdoors into your daily life. 

By embracing the colors of plants and nature, Juzo's Trend Colors not only infuse vitality into your wardrobe but also establish a connection with the rejuvenating power of the outdoors. Where fashion meets function, and wellness meets style. Step into a world where compression wear is not just a necessity but a fashion-forward choice. Elevate your everyday with Juzo's Trend Colors – because health and style should always go hand in hand!

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Be inspired by Juzo's colourful world of plants in their new video about these Trend Colours.  Aiming to show you how much fun and energy the multi-coloured Juzo compression stockings, pantyhose and arm products can bring into your life!

Sunny Yellow banner

Spreads joy everywhere! The wonderful yellow of the chrysanthemum raises a sunny feel-good smile in everyone. This flower is the queen of the autumn blossoms and signifies happinessprosperity and cheerfulness. Thinking about yellow warms your heart. Sunny Yellow is pure joie de vivre and is certain to turn your look into a creative highlight.

Lovely Rose banner

Fall in love with the rose colour of the chrysanthemum. With its romantic charm and a twinkle in its eye, Lovely Rose takes you on a journey of effortless femininity. The delicate pastel shade accentuates your soulful side. Did you know that flowers are said to be the earth’s smile? Lovely Rose is perfect proof of that.

Endless Green banner

This magical colour fills you with energy and freshness. The fern has long been considered a magic herb and continues to spark all-round admiration. Green is the most common colour of the plant kingdom and signifies life, harmony and health. With your compression garments in Endless Green, your mental strength will last the whole day. 


Powerful Pink banner

Do you like life bold and colourful? Why not ignite your own fireworks display of colours! The shocking pink of the chrysanthemum is infectious in its positivity. These flowers transform your garden into a summer sea of colours. Get infected with sparkling vitality! Powerful Pink will give you confidence day after day. 

Wild Red banner

Seductive, sensual and sophisticated. The Japanese maple fascinates with its filigree leaves that dance in the wind. The deep red tone comes from the Far East and adds passion and elegance to any outfit. The colour of love can be combined wonderfully and bestows you with inspirational strength. You will be the focus of attention in Wild Red.


Beautiful Blue banner

The impressive blue colour of the hydrangea is a true statement of nature. Thousands of blue petals create a stunning overall composition. Beautiful Blue is a real treat for the eyes as a flower and now it also shines in your colourful compression garments. Feel naturally beautiful with confidence and poise. Try it for yourself!