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Juzo Support Stockings

Founded in 1912 in Germany, Juzo were the first manufacturers to knit support stockings instead of weaving them.

Juzo have since developed and produced next generation compression stockings in circular and flat-knit styles, available in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit every individual. 

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Image of two women sitting while wearing colourful stockings

Image of men and women sat at a table wearing compression stockings

Juzo Soft

Super soft fabric for feel good moments


Image of woman walking with a bike while wearing stockings

Juzo Inspiration

Lifestyle and design elegantly combined


Image of a leg wearing an ulcer stocking

Juzo Ulcer System

The efficient system for treating venous leg ulcers


Image of a woman putting on her compression wrap

Juzo Adjustable Compression System Light

Effective adjustable compression systems


Image of 3 friends hiking

Juzo Adventure

The all-rounder for active men and women


Image of a compression stocking with a snake wrapped around it

Juzo Move

Patented knit for easy donning and doffing


Donning Aids

A compression hosiery applicator, also known as a compression stocking applicator or a donning aid is a device designed to assist individuals in putting on compression stockings or hosiery.

Compression and support stockings can be challenging to put on, especially for individuals with limited mobility, arthritis, or dexterity issues.

By using an applicator you can simplify the process of wearing your compression hosiery, removing the need for excessive bending, twisting or stretching, increasing convenience and comfortability for the user.

Additionally there are also doffing aids which aid in the removal of compression garments. Some of the devices we sell at Patient Choice Direct are created with the intent purpose of easing both the donning and doffing of hosiery.

Our most popular donning and doffing aid is the Steve+ Hosiery Applicator Kit, which includes metal handles and a solid plastic frame for durability and reliability.

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Image of the Steve+ Hosiery Applicator Kit

Steve+ Hosiery Applicator Kit


Freedom in Motion

Constantly innovating and improving their products, they have also assisted in the management of patients with oedema, varicose veins and thrombosis.

Juzo have designed different ranges suitable for every occasion, from riding your bike or going for a run, all the way through to playing your favourite sports or climbing a mountain. Ensuring your hosiery fits comfortably is vital as it becomes your ideal everyday companion. 

With over 100 years of experience in the compression industry, Juzo are experts at their craft. 

By using state-of-the-art technology and versatile knitted fabrics, Juzo have created products which offer effective compression therapy and provide optimal support for patients in various areas such as lymphology and phlebology. 

Juzo Quality

As a founding member of the Quality Mark Association for Medical Compression Hosiery, Juzo played a crucial role in defining the special requirements for products used in compression therapy. 

These same requirements are now part of the RAL standard used today and are needed for inclusion in the catalogue of medical devices.

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Juzo's medical aids are "knitted reliably".  Their compression stockings are designed with the utmost care and precision to provide optimal comfort and support for your legs.

Patients can trust in the consistently high quality materials that are subjected to the strictest quality standards when manufacturing their garments in both Germany and the USA.

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