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NaturCare Odour Eliminator Aerosol Spray (50ml)

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NaturCare Odour Eliminator

Remove unwanted smells with NaturCare

Naturcare aerosol deodorants form that break down and neutralise odours within the stoma pouch. It can also be used as an air deodoriser. Deodorants help maintain dignity and discretion if you are wearing pouches. The NaturCare deodorant body spray brings you long lasting protection and the fresh and provide a discrete solution to eliminating unpleasant odours when wearing or changing a pouch. It fights perspiration, prevents odour, long-lasting freshness, adapts to your level of activity and leaves low residue.

Targets and removes odour, allowing pouch wearers to feel confident and smelling fresh when out and about, or in the comfort of their own home.

A variety of fragrances to choose from, with 4 unique scents:

- NaturCare (Unscented)
- NaturCare Fragrant (Light Scent)
- NaturCare Zest (Citrus)
- NaturCare Breeze (Mint)

(Items sold individually)

 Eliminate unpleasant odours

Discreet and easy to use

Help maintain dignity and discretion

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